The complete step-by-step bookkeeping solution so you can create more, stress less, and be ready for tax day!

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Are you tired of your messy, disorganized mess that is your bookkeeping?


Do you start to sweat every time you open QuickBooks?


Never know where you are in your business because you don’t understand your numbers or what to do with them?


Always feel like you’re playing “catch up” as you cram and crunch your numbers come tax time? While the whole time, you’re silently praying that you did everything right and you don’t get an audit?


Tried working with an accountant before only to feel misunderstood and still completely in the dark of how to take care of YOUR BOOKS for YOUR BUSINESS?

Creative Entrepreneur,

You are in the right place!

All of that is going to change today.

Because I’m going to help you whip your books into shape.

And have fun (gasp!) in the process!

I’m Tiffany Bastian, and I have been there. I know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, wearing all the hats and doing #allthethings!

I ended up with a large tax bill and was totally burned out. I ended up with a large tax bill because I was growing so fast, which was awesome on one hand – yet totally scary on the other – because I was disorganized and using too many apps.

I was so busy doing all the things that I neglected my own bookkeeping.

Needless to say, my wakeup call was a large IOU to the IRS.

But I got up. I dusted myself off. And I started planning. I took action. I completely automated my business by converting to Dubsado and QuickBooks online. I implemented weekly and monthly bookkeeping routines for myself.

I finally created time to work ON my business instead of just IN my business.

Then I  Created This Course For You!

That way you don’t end up making my same mistakes!

I wanted to give you a complete step-by-step path to follow.

In this course, you will be able to look over my shoulders in QuickBooks online so you can do the exact same thing to get your bookkeeping organized too!

Take a CLOSER look inside…



Module 1: Introduction to QuickBooks Online
  • Lesson 1: Why you shouldn’t use Quickbooks Self Employed
  • Lesson 2: Picking the Right Version of QBO
  • Lesson 3: Create an Account and Save 50%
Module 2: QuickBooks Online Setup
  • Lesson 1: General Setup
  • Lesson 2: Company Setup
  • Lesson 3: Chart of Accounts: Overview
  • Lesson 4: Chart of Accounts: Setup
  • Lesson 5: Bank Feed: Overview
  • Lesson 6: Bank Feed: Setup
  • Lesson 7: Bank Feed: Categorizing Transactions
  • Lesson 8: Bank Feed: Rules
Module 3: Billing Clients from QuickBooks Online
  • Lesson 1: Income Account Setup
  • Lesson 2: Setup Products and Services
  • Lesson 3: Invoices and Sales Receipt Overview
  • Lesson 4: Client Setup
  • Lesson 5: Creating Invoices and Receiving Payments
  • Lesson 6: Payment Reminders, Statements and Late Fees
  • Lesson 7: Creating Sales Receipts
  • Lesson 8: Recurring Invoices
Module 4: Independent Contractors
  • Lesson 1: Independent Contractor 101
  • Lesson 2: Contractor Setup & Tracking in QBO
  • Lesson 3: Annual Filing of 1099’s inside of QBO
Module 5: Month End
  • Lesson 1: How To Reconcile QBO To Your Bank Account
  • Lesson 2: Record Out Of Pocket Expenses
  • Lesson 3: What Is The Undeposited Funds Account In QBO?
Module 6: Sales Tax
  • Lesson 1: Sales Tax: 101
  • Lesson 2: Setup, Tracking & Filing In QBO
  • Lesson 3: Pulling Reports In QBO
Module 7: Financial Reports
  • Lesson 1: Profit and Loss Report
  • Lesson 2: Balance Sheet Report
  • Lesson 3: Custom Reports
Module 8: Quickbooks Online Payments
  • Lesson 1: Overview
  • Lesson 2: Account Setup
  • Lesson 3: Invoices & Sales Receipts
  • Lesson 4: How To Setup Auto Debits
Module 9: Payroll
  • Lesson 1: Payroll: Overview
  • Lesson 2: Payroll: Best Practices
  • Lesson 3: Payroll: How to Activate in QBO
  • Lesson 4: Add and Manage Empoyees
  • Lesson 5: Payroll: Tax Filings and Payments
  • Lesson 6: Payroll: Reports
  • Lesson 7:
Bonus Training: Integrations
  • Dubsado
  • 17 Hats
  • HoneyBook
  • Ontraport
  • + More to come! You name it!
Bonus Training: Extras
  • Lesson 1: QBO Mobile App
  • Lesson 2: QBO Desktop App
  • Lesson 3: Find Anything in QBO
  • Lesson 4: Routines



9 Live Q&A Coaching Calls

You will receive 9 total coaching calls where you can ask me any question you have as you go through Master Your Bookkeeping!



Master Your Bookkeeping Private Community Group

You’ll instantly get plugged into the private community group for Master Your Bookkeeping where you can meet other creative entrepreneurs in the program and get every question you have answered!




Module 1: Overview

Overview of the mileage tax deduction so you know what it is, and how it benefits you!

Module 2: Simple Log

I’ll show you the most basic way you can log your mileage.

Module 3: MILE IQ App

I’ll show you how to use the best mileage tracking app out there – MILE IQ

Module 4: Tax Reports

I’ll show you how to pull reports from MILE IQ to use for tax time!



Module 1: Overview

In this content packed module, you’ll get an in-depth overview of the deduction, what can be deducted, and how you can track it.

Module 2: Tracking Sheet

You get access to the home office deduction tracker that I give to all my clients. I’ll show you how to use it and keep track of everything throughout the whole year. This way, you’ll be totally ready for tax day!

TOTAL VALUE: $5,000+

YOU PAY: $495


(That’s July 15, 2020!)

Q: Will this course work for me and my business?


If you are a Photographer, a Graphic Designer, an Online Course Creator, a Business Coach, a Blogger…Or anyone who works for themselves in the online space, this program will most definitely work for you!

Q: What if I get stuck?


No worries! I have you covered!

​​​​​​​Not only will you be able to ask me questions on a live call 3 times a month but you will also be able to ask any question you run into right within the private Facebook group!

Q: What if it doesn't work for me? Do you have a refund policy/guarantee?


I do! If you have taken action on everything I teach in this program and have done the work and you find that it just hasn’t worked for you, I completely understand! I offer a FULL 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. All you will need to do is submit a refund request form.

Q: How long until the price doubles?


I’m making this specific package only available at this low $495 price until Tax Day July 15th, 2020!

In this package, you’ll receive:
>> Lifetime access to the entire online course
>> Lifetime updates to the course
>> 3 months of complete access to me to ask any question
>> 9 group coaching calls
>> Lifetime access to the bonus course: Mileage to Money
Lifetime access to the bonus course: Home Office Deduction Workshop

Can you really afford to let another day go by where you’re stressed out because your bookkeeping is running you?

Join today at this low price before it doubles – and I’ll show you how to Master Your Bookkeeping! I can’t wait to see you inside.




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